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Umbrella Corporation Forward Assist

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Price: $39.00

The Forward Assist. Next to the AR-15’s operating system, the Forward Assist is probably the most controversial aspect of the platform, sparking debate between original design purists, those who swear by the SPORTS action drill, and everyone in between. We have noticed that even for those folks who are not crazy about the Forward Assist, when presented with the option to purchase a new upper, most inevitably choose a receiver with the legacy FA. Considering this, our goal was to design a low-profile part that kept the full functionality of the Forward Assist while minimizing its impact on the overall weapon system. The result is our patent pending design that provides for the lowest profile cap possible while still permitting complete mil-spec travel to engage the bolt carrier. It may not be obvious at first glance, but the mil-spec FA assembly cannot easily be shortened. Our unique approach solves this dilemma and shaves more than a quarter inch off the overall length. We are initially offering three different Cap designs: a traditional grooved mil-spec style, a checkered version, and a deep lasered Umbrella logo model. Made from 4140 chromoly alloy, a significant upgrade over the mil-spec 1100 series steel.

Umbrella Corporation Forward Assists are made to the finest standards and carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Installation by a qualified Armorer is required.


  • Precision machined from AISI/SAE 4140 tool steel alloy, hardened, markings deep laser engraved
  • Salt bath nitride, QPQ finish
  • Cap: grooved, checkered, or Umbrella logo
  • Forward Assist spring, ASTM Grade A401 Chrome Silicon wire stock, heat treated, stress relieved
  • Coiled spring pin, AISI 420 stainless steel, black oxide finish
  • All components, material, and packaging made in the USA
  • Unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure