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Battleworn FDE Receiver Build Set

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Price: $650.00

We wanted to offer something a bit different than our usual black anodized receivers, or even our FDE Cerakote versions, so we teamed up with some of the best artists in the industry, our friends over at Blowndeadline. Produced in very limited numbers, both color schemes are unique BDL creations, complete with their certificate of authenticity, a set of patches, ShopStix, stickers, Unicorn Lube, and AeroShell 33MS/64 grease. Keep in mind that Umbrella receiver fit is already tighter than typical mil-spec, and painted parts are even more so; as a result, these sets are extremely tight to the point that a rubber mallet is necessary to tap the receivers together and pins closed. Our techs have hand fit the interference points of these sets so expect to see evidence of that where the parts mate. Because of this, we are shipping the pair pinned together, the uppers assembled with mil-spec Ejection Port Covers along with our new, upcoming, patent pending shorty Forward Assist. The lowers, even though pictures incorrectly show a stripped receiver, will be shipped with the A-DAC parts and our Minimalist Parts Kit installed, including our new, upcoming textured Grip 23. In addition, each lower will have an ALG QMS trigger installed, along with a Battle Arms Single Side Selector and an aluminum over-sized trigger guard. If you desire a mil-spec toleranced receiver set that can be field stripped without tools, this upper/lower set is not for you—please do not order as returns for fit will not be permitted/accepted! 

In light of the extremely tight fit, we are offering the rare option of having your parts assembled into a complete rifle or SBR by Umbrella technicians. A check box is provided in the order area to indicate your selection. This option will require that you provide all parts you wish to use for the completion and assembly of your rifle/SBR. These Owner furnished parts must be shipped to Umbrella once you receive instructions, after your order is processed. In addition, your parts list must be approved by our technical shop; any components that fail to meet our safety standards, or are otherwise incompatible, will be disqualified for the build. Should that occur, our staff will provide appropriate recomendations and you will be able to resubmit your parts list for another approval attempt. Other than the specific ATF requirements for SBRs, how complete you want your build to be is entirely up to you. Please note: Umbrella reserves the right to refuse the assembly of any combination of parts we deem unsafe, incompatible, or otherwise unacceptable for any reason. Regardless of whether you choose to have Umbrella complete the assembly of your receivers into a rifle or SBR, or you just want the set sent as-is, shipping times for these pairs will be extended up to two weeks minimum from receipt of your dealer's FFL, longer of course for ATF SBR approval and transfer. 

the verbiage below is our standard receiver part descriptors with relevant updates, followed by their corresponding itemized specifications.


LOWERS: While our forged lower receivers exhibit a very high level of fit and finish, it's simply not just the quality of the machining that separates Umbrella lowers from the rest. We are meticulous with our inspection protocol to ensure every receiver shipped represents premium manufacturing synonymous with the brand. We've added a simple chamfer to the grip interface for easy installation of even the most stubborn designs. Unlike many forged lowers, our magwell bevel is extreme for faster reloads. For this latest generation we've gone to a precision machined logo and used the time saved to incorporate Radian's excellent A-DAC bolt catch feature as previously seen on our billet lowers. We've added an upper/lower tension screw to mitigate interface play for those interested, and we've included a small notch to accommodate the Battle Arms Development short throw ambidextrous selectors. And our small umbrellas return at the full auto selector position. The excellence is in the details. Umbrella Corporation AR-15 forged lower receivers are made to the finest standards and carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Assembly by a qualified Armorer is required.


  • Precision machined from Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Alloy forging, T6 Temper
  • Certified MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodic Coating, Flat Black Dye, Non-Reflective, NiAc Seal
  • Blowndeadline custom Cerakote color scheme, Battleworn FDE
  • TDP/Mil standard take down and fire control pin dimensions
  • A-DAC patent pending technology engages bolt catch by pressing magazine button (not a bolt release)
  • Includes A-DAC specific parts: bolt catch, mag button, mag catch spring, and actuator pin
  • Includes supplemental mil-spec parts: bolt catch plunger, plunger spring, bolt catch roll pin
  • Chamfered interface for ease of aftermarket grip installation (patent pending)
  • Machined relief cut supports Battle Arms Development 45° short throw ambidextrous selectors
  • Precision broached magazine well
  • Dimensional accuracy inspection
  • Sharp edges meticulously de-burred by hand
  • Inert ceramic media blast for uniform finish
  • Archaic selector stops machined away
  • Pictograph selector markings w/full auto umbrella
  • No caliber specification for build versatility
  • AR-15 classic model designation
  • Text and logo precision CNC machined prior to anodize
  • Deep magwell bevel to the limit of a standard forging
  • All components, material, and packaging made in the USA
  • Fifth Generation

Included Minimalist Parts Kit and accessories consist of the following components to supplement lower's A-DAC parts:

  • Pivot Pin, Nitride 
  • Pivot Pin Detent, stainless steel, Nitride
  • Pivot Pin Spring, 17-7 PH stainless steel
  • Takedown Pin, Nitride
  • Takedown Pin Detent, stainless steel, Nitride
  • Takedown Pin Spring, 17-7 PH stainless steel
  • Magazine Catch, Manganese Phosphate
  • Buffer Retaining Detent, Nitride
  • Buffer Detent Spring, 17-7 PH stainless steel
  • Selector Detent, stainless steel, Nitride
  • Selector Spring, 17-7 PH stainless steel
  • Umbrella textured Grip 23, Black
  • ALG Quality Mil-Spec Trigger
  • Battle Arms Development Enhanced Single Side Selector
  • Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard
  • All components, material, and packaging made in the USA


UPPERS: Our latest forged upper receivers are manufactured to military contract specification. They feature machined M4 feedramps and come fully assembled with Umbrella's new patent pending checkered shorty forward assist and mil-spec ejection port cover installed. We intentionally leave off the traditional "T" markings on top of the Picatinny rail so they better match unmarked handguard assemblies (KAC, Vltor, etc.) and likewise prevent mismatched engraving styles. Our precision machined logo on top of the rail marks these as an Umbrella Corporation product. This generation includes an anti-rotation pin hole to accommodate handguards that support this feature. As with all of our parts, they carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Barrel assembly should be performed by a qualified Armorer.


  • Precision machined from Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Alloy forging, T6 Temper
  • Certified MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodic Coating, Flat Black Dye, Non-Reflective, NiAc (Nickel Acetate) Seal
  • Blowndeadline custom Cerakote color scheme, Battleworn FDE
  • Mil standard 1913 Picatinny accessory rail, no “T” markings
  • M4 feed ramps (requires corresponding barrel extension)
  • Dry film lube bore coating over anodized substrate
  • Compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 platform lower receivers
  • Dimensional accuracy inspection
  • Sharp edges meticulously de-burred by hand
  • Inert ceramic media blast for uniform finish
  • CNC precision machined Umbrella logo
  • Umbrella patent pending checkered Shorty Forward Assist, 4140 steel alloy, Nitride
  • Mil-spec, manganese phosphate, ejection port cover
  • All components, material and packaging made in the USA
  • Fourth Generation


SWAG: This receiver set comes with a number of extras including an official certificate of authenticity from Blowndeadline, a BDL patch, three Umbrella Corporation patches, a pair of FDE ShopStix, a bottle of our popular Unicorn Lube, and a small jar of AeroShell 33MS/64 assembly grease.



NOTE: Umbrella Corporation only ships firearms and firearm receivers to FFL dealers. Customers may purchase from the website and have their dealer of choice email a copy of their license directly to with the customer's name in the subject line (as a matter of policy we DO NOT accept faxed FFLs). When you create your account or check-out, please enter your contact information/shipping address and not your dealer's. There are specific fields now for FFL transfer information and we will only ship your lower to the address of your chosen FFL. Any associated transfer fees assessed by the local dealer are the responsibility of the buyer and not UCWRG. Know the laws of your state or locale: Umbrella will not ship lower receivers to CT, DC, NY, or to restricted cities in CA, IL, MA, or MD. Please contact us directly if you have questions or require clarification.

We do not send out emails to tell you that we have received your dealer’s FFL. That would require hundreds of additional emails on top of those already going out. You will know that we have your dealer’s license when you get the tracking info for your lower receiver. Likewise, if we have an issue or don’t have a FFL from your dealer, we will contact you when we get to that point. And if your dealer is one of those that require a phone call, our license first, or some other such nonsense before they will send us their FFL, please find another dealer.