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Unicorn Lube + .5oz Aeroshell 64 Grease

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Price: $14.00


Lube. Everybody and their Mother uses it….

Our new weapon lubricant is pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves. Crafted from premium Unicorn tears, multigrade with proper viscosity, bonds to your magical horn like nothing else. No, this is not a personal lubricant but it should be*. Well, except for the probable rash it would cause. But your AR-15 will love it, just ask her BCG. And while very safe (GHS Classification: Not a hazardous substance or mixture) ours isn’t a cooking oil, you don’t want to eat it, and it doesn’t make very good fish tacos…. It’s real gun lube that tastes like hell (don’t ask), doesn’t give a damn how green it is, you don’t have to bake it or any such silliness, but it gets the job done like 50 weight in an old Diesel.

Sure, we might be mocking all those ridiculously priced “wonder oils” out there by calling our product Unicorn Lube, with maybe a teeny tiny reference to the availability of certain parts of our own manufacture, but hey, it’s fun and you know exactly what we’re talking about. Our TDS is posted right here on our website so you can get the real specs for what our lube is and isn’t. If you want a fully synthetic oil that bonds to your bolt carrier group like its soulmate, that doesn’t vaporize, and which holds particulates in suspension with the best of them, then our lube is for you. This high temp, high viscosity index formula is great for slide rails, trigger/sear interfaces, and of course general lubrication, all with a replaceable blunt needle tip for precise application.


  • Full synthetic formulation
  • Extreme temperature range
  • Resistant to burnoff
  • Acts as a moisture barrier/rust preventative
  • Standard blunt needle applicator, 1" long, 18 gauge, .038 ID, pink
  • Promotes BCG happiness
  • All components, material, and packaging made in the USA



AeroShell 64 (previously 33MS) aerospace grease that meets mil-spec MIL-G-21164D for barrel nut and receiver extension assembly on AR platform upper and lower receiver threads. As used on complete Umbrella gov/military sample builds, offered here in .5oz or 1.4oz for your own barreling and lower building projects. Unless you run your own shop, the small jar will likely be the only one you will ever need. Consider yourself a pro-builder? Get the larger size for all those rifles you're working on. If in doubt, buy both and give one to your buddy*. Included with all Umbrella Upper Receiver purchases.



*Seriously, not suitable for personal lubrication. Please stop asking....